A Legacy that Lasts: Mark & Rozanne Silverwood

Arlington Free Clinic was founded 30 years ago by dedicated physicians with a vision for a healthier Arlington for everyone, and it has continued to operate with the generous support of the medical community. But the contributions of Mark and Rozanne Silverwood underscore the fact that people of all backgrounds – and a heart for increasing access to healthcare – can make a significant impact on the lives of our neighbors.

When Mark joined the Board of Directors in the mid-2000s, he initially questioned his role as a businessperson amongst a slate of medical professionals. However, he quickly found his niche in utilizing his business acumen to aid the Clinic’s growth. At a crucial juncture when the Clinic was outgrowing its leased space, the Board played a pivotal role in negotiating a new home. This involved securing a free condominium as part of a deal with the developer who intended to convert our block into mixed residential
and commercial space. From there, Mark played a crucial role in leveraging his expertise to facilitate meetings with architects, secure favorable contracts with builders, and ultimately, translate the Clinic’s vision into reality.

As Mark’s board service approached its end, he and his wife, Rozanne, took proactive steps to ensure their continued support for the Clinic’s future. Through careful estate arrangements, they solidified a transformational gift by designating AFC as a beneficiary in their plans, recognizing the Clinic’s vital role in the community and their desire to see its impact endure.

For the Silverwoods, giving isn’t just a onetime act but a lifelong commitment. From Mark’s invaluable contributions as a board member, to their ongoing annual support through our Gala, to their impactful legacy gift, their story is a reminder that philanthropy isn’t confined to a single moment but is woven into the fabric of everyday life. As Mark and Rozanne continue to give generously, they hope to inspire others to join them in ensuring all Arlingtonians have access to the healthcare they need to thrive.

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