Reflecting on My Tenure: A Message of Thanks from AFC’s President

As I reflect on my eight years of leadership at Arlington Free Clinic, I am filled with gratitude for all of those in our community who have come together to make our work possible over the past 30 years.

The founders of this clinic were true pioneers. They saw a need in the community and took action to fill it. Their work has made a real difference in the lives of so many people, and I am proud to have been part of their legacy.

First and foremost, I want to thank our volunteers. Your dedication is truly inspiring. Every day, I marvel at the work that you do. Without you, we could not provide the care that our patients need. You are the heart and soul of this clinic, and I am so grateful for your ongoing commitment to our mission.

I also want to thank our staff. You are all incredibly talented and compassionate professionals who work tirelessly to provide our patients with the best possible care. We made it through the pandemic together and have emerged stronger than ever! I am so proud of the work that you do, and I am grateful for your partnership.

Our community partnerships fill me with optimism for our future. Our critical partnership with VHC Health makes us the envy of our free clinic colleagues across the country. We could not do our work without the care and support provided by this outstanding community-based health system. Our partners in Arlington County government, including public health, social services, technology services, and more, work every day to help our patients meet their most basic needs. And the leaders of Arlington’s safety net organizations are now my heroes. They work tirelessly to bring life-changing services like food, shelter, and safety to our neighbors.

Our donors are essential to our work. Year after year, your financial support allows us to provide our patients with access to healthcare and to expand our services to meet the needs of our community. Thank you for your generosity.

Finally, I want to thank our patients. You are the reason that we do this work. Your stories of hope, strength, and resilience inspire us every day. Thank you for trusting us with your health.

Thank you again for everything. I wish you all the best in the years to come.