A Healthier Arlington

AFC started as a small walk-in clinic dealing with mostly minor medical problems. Since 1994, AFC has grown with the needs of our patients to provide comprehensive medical care in a safe and comfortable community setting. AFC’s diverse programs make a real difference in the everyday lives of our patients and their families, and the health of the County as whole.

Many AFC patients lead lifestyles that make it very easy to transmit illnesses. Some are caregivers for children and the elderly. Others clean homes or work in food service where they may come in contact with many people during a single week. Families often share houses or apartments. At AFC, we take initiative to prevent the transmission of disease as much as possible. We offer influenza vaccinations daily, and provide one session a month for each of the following: Pneumovax (for pneumonia), hepatitis B, Tdap (for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) and zoster (for shingles). Since 2010, AFC has provided more than 7,000 vaccinations.

Most medically underserved women have never had access education about breast health, breast cancer and the need for mammograms.  Through its Breast Health Outreach Program, AFC partners with community organizations that have established networks to reach underserved populations. Through these partnerships, AFC’s educators help hundreds of low income Arlingtonians understand breast cancer, their own personal risk factors and the need for annual screening. Women age 40 and above have access to free initial and annual mammograms and follow up treatment as needed. Learn more about Women’s Health at AFC here.

Virginia Hospital Center’s 2014 Community Health Needs Assessment, a report on the health status of VHC’s service area, cites dental care as an important health gap in our community. Most AFC patients haven’t seen a dentist in many years because there simply aren’t enough options for free or affordable oral health care in the area. In 2015, AFC added a new Oral Health Program to provide vital dental care for our patients. AFC staff dentist Monica Yavrom, DDS is able to provide x-rays, cleaning, fillings and extractions, and refers patients to our Dental Referral Partner Network more complex treatment.

The majority of AFC patients suffer from one or more chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Through education on healthy diet and lifestyle choices, patients can play an active role in their own health. Patients have access to regular fitness and nutrition classes, Physical Activity Counselors, and partnerships with organizations like Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) and Body Dynamics, Inc. In addition to improving the lives of our adult patients, we hope that parents bring this information home with them to help their children lead healthier lives as well. Learn more about AFC’s Wellness Program here.