The Affordable Care Act

Have many AFC patients obtained Marketplace insurance through the ACA?

Fewer than you would think. Although more than 70% of our patients work full time, most of them simply don’t make enough money to qualify for subsidies that make ACA Marketplace insurance plans possible. We estimate that fewer than 300 AFC patients have transitioned to ACA coverage (as they moved on, their spots at Arlington Free Clinic were quickly filled).

Why don’t AFC patients have Medicaid insurance?

You’ve probably heard the term Coverage Gap. Because Virginia didn’t expand Medicaid, a family of 3 must make less than $9,041 per year to qualify. Childless adults don’t qualify at all, regardless of income.

If the ACA is repealed, what changes do you expect to see?

So much is unknown, but we will be carefully monitoring the needs in our community. Each month, we track the numbers of those who reach out to us for care and find that the need always exceeds our capacity.

If the law is repealed, the Urban Institute anticipates that 685,000 Virginians will lose coverage— and based upon this data, we will likely see an increase in the need for our services.

Arlington Free Clinic is a charitable organization and is simply here to care for those without access to health care. Without your ongoing support, we could not do this important work.

Coverage Gap