Partner Spotlight: Dr. Sara Varghai, NOVA Optique + Eyecare

Located in the heart of Ballston, Dr. Sara Varghai opened NOVA Optique + Eyecare in March 2021. A strong believer in the idea that sight shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford quality eye care, giving back to her community through a pro bono partnership with Arlington Free Clinic has been part of her business model since the beginning.

For nearly two years, Dr. Varghai has generously saved one appointment slot per week for an AFC patient. Our clinical case manager uses these appointments for patients with acute eye care needs as well as for those who have complained of poor eyesight and are due for a check-up. Dr. Varghai provides a comprehensive eye exam and generously donates a free pair of glasses to every patient we refer. If a more serious problem is identified, one that may require surgery, for example, she alerts the Clinic so we can make a referral to a specialist.

Dr. Varghai shared about a rather young AFC patient who had only one seeing eye. During her appointment, Dr. Varghai stressed the importance of glasses for protective reasons and encouraged the patient to reach back out in the future should she need anything. Several months later, the patient was experiencing flashes in her good eye. Thankfully, everything was fine, but Dr. Varghai was happy she felt comfortable calling her office so she could have her mind put to ease right away.

We are tremendously grateful to Dr. Varghai and her compassionate staff for their service to the patients of AFC. So many simply need glasses to help them get through the day and wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.