Partner Spotlight: Empowering AFC Patients Through Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

“Danny’s” journey (read the full story here) shows how Arlington Free Clinic’s volunteer orthopedic specialists came together to evaluate one patient’s unique needs and provide the tools necessary to reignite possibilities he believed were lost after his accident.

AFC’s impact extends beyond individual cases such as “Danny’s” thanks to the support of an extensive pro bono network that encompasses a spectrum of orthopedic and related services. From initial assessments and surgeries to post-operative care and physical therapy, AFC ensures a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

A significant portion of our patients are employed in physically demanding industries such as construction, landscaping, and caregiving. As a result, they often present at AFC with acute work related injuries such as fractures and sprains, or conditions stemming from chronic overuse like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Despite the crucial nature of their jobs, these individuals are among the least equipped with protections against workplace injuries or support when incidents occur.

The generous network of specialists and practices to the right enables us to bridge this gap effectively, while also managing a range of orthopedic needs related to normal aging or sequelae of chronic disease. From orthopedic cancer treatment and care for osteoarthritis to knee replacements and rehabilitation, together with our partners, we are offering AFC patients the healthcare necessary to overcome their challenges and thrive.

Gordon Avery, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon
Anthony Avery, MD – Knee & Shoulder Surgeon/Sports Medicine
Daniel Cuttica, DO – Foot & Ankle Surgeon
John Hattingh, CP, CPO(SA), LPO, MSc – Prosthetist
Irene Hruskoci, PT – Physical Therapist
William Petersen, MD – Hip & Knee Surgeon
David Romness, MD – Joint Replacement Surgeon
Cassie Root, MD – Elbow, Forearm, Wrist & Hand Surgeon
Kevin Sumida, MD – Knee & Shoulder Surgeon
Felasfa Wodajo, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon

Body Dynamics, Inc.
Nirschl Orthopaedic Center
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