AFC’s Commitment to Expanding Access to Oral Healthcare

In 2021, 28% of AFC’s medical patients engaged in dental care. Of those dental patients, only 30% completed their treatment plans. Recognizing an opportunity for improvement, we embarked on a multi-year vision to enhance integration between our medical and dental programs and devise effective strategies to mitigate treatment barriers.

The dedicated efforts towards achieving these goals yielded exciting results: by 2023, we had seen a near doubling of medical patient engagement with our oral health program coupled with a significant increase in dental treatment plan completion rates!

Looking ahead, the next phase of our vision for dental at AFC involves integrating innovative technology – including a recently acquired intraoral scanner – and forging new partnerships with mission-aligned labs to bring down costs. Additionally, we are committed to adopting sustainable fee practices and bolstering resources to meet the growing demand. This strategic approach aims to further elevate the quality and accessibility of dental care at AFC, reinforcing the recognition of oral health as an integral component of comprehensive healthcare.